Ceramic Artist Leonard Baca

My Ceramic Life
My name is Leonard J Baca, in the summer of 2011, I went to help at the volunteer camp at Ghost Ranch, this was the second time meeting members of NMPCA (New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists), we all had a great time and it was nice to see Pot Hollow blossom.  That is where  two friends asked me if I would like to help out and be on  the board for NMPCA.  Five year’s is am still helping out with this organization.  We have a new studio at Ghost Ranch after the 2015 flood took out Pot Hollow.
     After being on the board for six years, I am know developing new works and opportunities. On my time on the board I have had held positions aa eNews Editor, Treaseurer and President.  Being part of NMPCA is a great way to meet potters and ceramists who enjoyed the feel of clay as much as I do. I have been working with clay for eight years. I have been amazed at the diversity of ceramics and pottery in New Mexico and the talent we have as artist.  I look forward to meeting more people and developing my craft.  I work with my brothers Danny and Henry and my sister Sylvia in our printing business. It is a family business on it 50 years.  I enjoy working with clay and I like to take my experience of woodworking, photography, graphic design & gardening to intertwine ideas into my work.  
     My work is available to review at my printing Business, come by and say hi at Business Printing Service, 4316 Silver Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Why Pottery is like Printing
     I grew up in the printing and graphic design business. Working with creative people over the years, learning the different aspects of a job from sailing to delivery. When a project come up it is in the mind of the customer, I ask them to write down some copy, think of what you want to tell your customer, or what are you trying to sale or communicate to your customer. As is visit with my customer I get a sense of their style how bold or how soft they are, what they are trying to accomplish this will determine the look of the graphic piece. We then look at a few ideas and see if we are on the same page. If so then color and texture come in to play. As I create pottery it is the same. my mood, my energy what I experienced that week will play on my body and mind as I create on the wheel. The feel of the clay on your hands. how it react to me. and that sense stays with you as the clay drys, your trim and fire. next is selecting the glaze to will work with the clay.