Vase  5.5"d x 8"h  Blue with clay slip and Gold inside  $45.00 #V2506 
Vase  5."d x 7.5"h  Multi glaze outside and White inside  $45.00 #V2542 
Vase  4"d x 7"h  Blue with clay slip and White inside  $45.00 #V2583 
Vase  4.5"d x 7.25"h  Orange Red outside, Apricot inside  $45.00 #V2584 
Vase  6.5"d x5.5"h  Multi Glaze and Gold inside  $45.00 #V2508
Vase  4"d x 6"h  Gold with clay slip, inside Snake skin teal  $45.00 #V2507
Vase  5."d x 5.5"h  Multi Glaze, inside Apricot $45.00 #V2510 
Vases 2"d x 6.5"h $20.00 each  # V2585

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